Building your own data management system has never been easier.

Entigy helps you design complex (or simple) data flows, integrate 3rd party datasets and manage privacy considerations at a granular level.

Form Manager

Deploy and manage your forms with confidence with an industry leading form builder system. Manage the meta-data associated with your forms using our toolset and advanced features - or export to common file types such as CSV, JSON, XLS.

Feed Manager

An innovative way to manage the flow of data, merge data results and decide what is public, private or shared with your team. Entigy.io makes it easy to merge forms (inc. nested data!) without diving into complex code. You can also merge in static datatables or 3rd party datasources (e.g. google sheets).

Reports, dashboards & charts...

Once you've set up your data flows and configured your reporting categories, you can also craft unique visual reports, dashboards and grant access to users, groups and organisations. Get in touch and we can take you on a tour of what's possible...

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Funds, Bounties, Competitions and User Points


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